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Drawing: why?

War has propelled the art of drawing into unlikely uses, as has medicine, architecture, archaeology, film-making, forensic science, and even communication with uncontacted tribes in the Amazon. Being the first ever non-verbal communication, with a forty to fifty thousand year history with us all, drawing is so fundamental to what we are as a species, known for its dominion over, and from within the environment we inhabit,  it is perhaps surprisingly easy to gloss over the fact that drawing involves the essential materials of what we come from. Drawing is us. Continue reading Drawing: why?

The ‘A4artist’ gives you an A4 drawing once a week. Free for your collection.

Each week Dom Ramos offers you his latest drawing

‘Number One-The Court House, Lewes’ © Dom Ramos.


from contemporary British life, from nature, landscape or people, as an A4 attachment (it’s a downloadable pdf and its free! ) for you to print and keep. It will keep you abreast of the work of this artist and the world he shares with you.

'The fiddlers; Ben Paley.' Drawings. ©Dom Ramos
‘The fiddlers; Ben Paley.’ Drawings. ©Dom Ramos

All you have to do is contact him below and start to enjoy his vision of the world. He will be depicting musicians, nature, landscapes, studies of people and objects: all that fascinates will be brought to life. So leave your email below and start a free collection.