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ARTWAVE EXHIBITION: Dom Ramos, Tim Jee and Kathie Murphy




Dom Ramos

Kathie Murphy

Tim Jee


I am happy to announce that Dom Ramos will be exhibiting recent drawings and paintings, with Kathie Murphy exhibiting her celebrated polyester resin jewellery and Tim Jee his intriguing paintings at the annual Artwave 2017 – Artists & Makers Trails.

21 August  –  3 September 2017

VENUE: 21 Priory Street,
Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1HH.


This is a widely promoted event which allows the visitor to visit a number of locations dotted around the beautiful town of Lewes and its surrounding area, many of which would not normally be open to the public.


STOP PRESS: This show is on until 3rd September,

11 a.m. – 5 p.m.




Kathie Murphy started jewellery evening classes at the age of 14 with Jonathan Swan at the workshop in Lewes. Murphy went on to gain a degree from Middlesex Polytechnic and then a post graduate Diploma from Glasgow School of Art in the subject.

Since 1992 Murphy has specialised in working in Polyester resin and continues to explore the possibilities of this material.  She has had two books published by A&C Black, Resin Jewellery and Design and make non precious jewellery.

Murphy’s work is in the collection of International jewellery at the Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art, Aberdeen City Art Gallery and National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.  She teaches at City Lit London, Morley College London and West Dean College, West Sussex.




Dom Ramos (b. 1966) comes from three generations of painters in his family. Aged 12 he assisted his father, on a copy of Raphael’s ‘Transfiguration’, and into his twenties with his mother on a  number of murals. Going solo as  a mural painter, he went on to adorn public places as well private houses with murals, specialising in historic themes. After a fire tore through his studio in 2015, he has returned to working on drawings and easel paintings.

He has taught for the Royal Drawing School. He was awarded the Friends of Lewes Civic Award for his mural, ‘The Friars’ Garden’ in 2006.  He is due to publish a survey of historical figures of Lewes illustrated with his murals from a panelled room in the town in 2017.




Tim Jee (b.1960) grew up in the Midlands and studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art. At college he initially painted large abstract paintings, eventually abandoning this way of working for painting small imaginary landscapes that had a sense of narrative about them. He began to introduce figures and other elements into the paintings, things that he found significant, interesting, or simply engaging. He says:

“I paint things that take my fancy. People sometime ask me what my paintings mean but all I can say is that everything you need to know is in the painting. They are simply the view from my mind’s eye.” 

Drawing: why?

War has propelled the art of drawing into unlikely uses, as has medicine, architecture, archaeology, film-making, forensic science, and even communication with uncontacted tribes in the Amazon. Being the first ever non-verbal communication, with a forty to fifty thousand year history with us all, drawing is so fundamental to what we are as a species, known for its dominion over, and from within the environment we inhabit,  it is perhaps surprisingly easy to gloss over the fact that drawing involves the essential materials of what we come from. Drawing is us. Continue reading Drawing: why?