Dom Ramos. Artist of life. Artist of lives.

Le théâtre du vizir
Miniature Theatre: ‘Le théâtre du vizir’.


Bust of a boy


In his forties, Anglo-Spanish artist Dom Ramos has developed his unique style and talent throughout the inter-weaved influences of his notable family in the arts, his knowledge and love of the European tradition, and  the personal.

Fundamentally interested in the way our history confronts our present to offer possibilities to the future, he has a number of influences from Goya, Velázquez, to Derain, Freud and de Chirico, yet his aim is always to see the intimate revelation of the divine in the ordinary.

Much of his work has been in the field of mural art, and has been seldom seen in public. Now he refers back to a life in art to produce sculpture, drawings and paintings in which each object seeks to contain within itself an essence, a world.


Dom Ramos & his art

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